Icknield has years of experience of the practical aspects of corporate restructuring. When a company hits troubled times it needs good professional advice and needs to be able to act on that advice. Frequently a company in these circumstances will not have sufficient experienced resource available internally. Icknield can solve this problem by managing the stabilisation and restructuring phases on the company’s behalf.

• A full service from crisis management to restructuring and turnaround

• Stabilisation

• Avoiding a cash crisis (or bringing a crisis under control)

• Providing visibility on key drivers to the board, shareholders and lenders

• Obtaining shareholder/lender support

• Cost reduction and corporate surgery

• Restructuring

• Proposing a new financial structure

• Negotiating solutions with lenders and shareholders

• Helping management with practical issues e.g. business continuity planning & implementation where restructuring involves a change in business ownership and/or an insolvency process

• Turnaround

• Creating and implementing a turnaround plan

• Driving the changes ourselves or bringing in appropriate resource to deliver this

• Changing the board/management team where necessary to deliver the solution

• Assuming a CRO role during the above phases

• Continuing role during the continued turnaround post restructuring